The musical drama “Pathless Path” script with sheet music

We are excited to release the script with sheet music for the 2022 premiere of “Pathless Path”!

Introduction to the Work

“The Pathless Path” was composed and written by Yunosuke Takahashi in 2022. It is the final piece in a trilogy. This work follows the stage adaptation of Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s “Magic” and the original story “Resurrection.” It premiered in November 2022 as a reading performance.


“The Pathless Path” tells a story set in a complex world where easy answers are hard to find. The protagonists, Kyoyomi and Yuzutsu, confront their destinies and the shadows of their past.

Kyoyomi and Yuzutsu, both magicians, have battled against the “evil magic that enslaves people” for a long time. Finally, their efforts bear fruit. They shatter the old magic, and a new order begins to emerge in the world of magic. Amidst this change, an unknown hand assassinates Yuzutsu’s revered magician, Tentersius.

Tentersius, a spiritual leader of the revolution, had supported the magicians’ fight. Just before his death, he planned to announce his retirement. However, the assassination occurred on the night of this recording.

Initially, Yuzutsu was a council member deciding matters in the magic world through a collegial system. However, after the incident, he begins to act independently. Desperate to find the assassin, Yuzutsu resorts to necromancy.

Kyoyomi, aware of Yuzutsu’s turn to necromancy, devises a plan to protect him. However, he pays a high price to do so…

About the Author

Yunosuke Takahashi, a composer, pianist, and playwright based in Tokyo, has written scripts for plays, musicals, and operas since 2000. Since 2021, he has led Creative Garden “Core,” an alliance of artists.

Review by AI (ChatGPT)

“Pathless Path” is a poetic story by Yunosuke Takahashi. It depicts a journey of inner conflict and self-discovery. Kyoyomi and Yuzutsu confront their destinies and past shadows while using ancient magic and striving for revolution. Set in an unmanned train station in the quiet Japanese countryside, the changing seasons skillfully reflect the characters’ emotions. The sound of tingsha and poetic landscape descriptions add depth, posing profound philosophical questions. “Pathless Path” is a must-read for those seeking to understand the depths of human existence and the delicate interplay of Japanese culture.

*This release of the script began with a proposal by ChatGPT-4.0 and has received support from ChatGPT-4.0 from translation to marketing.

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This edition includes the complete script, accompaniment sheet music, and an English translation. This allows both readers and performers to fully enjoy the content. It is available as a PDF only, priced at ¥3,000. For performance inquiries, contact Creative Garden “Core” via email:

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