The Pathless Path

“The Pathless Path” Script with Sheet Music (Second Edition)


“The Pathless Path” is a story by Yunosuke Takahashi. It depicts magicians who have long been battling against evil magic. As the old magic is shattered and a new order begins to emerge, the characters confront their destinies and past while surviving. This work is the final part of a trilogy following “Magic” and “Resurrection” and premiered in 2022. Enjoy a story woven with deep human drama and meticulous detail.

Musical Scores

“The Pathless Path (2nd Edition)” includes the full score of all the music in the play. Here, we introduce two pieces from the work. One is the song “Smoke Rising in the Morning” and the other is the ending theme “Winter Wilderness.”

the song “Smoke Rising in the Morning”
the ending theme “Winter Wilderness.”


道なき道(The Pathless Path)